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Im Uriel, im have been saying that im str8 to my familly and friends, then that day came were I told some of my friends, they did not like wat I said and stop talking to me. Some r starting to come back to talk to me which I like cuz I feel great about my self. I did tell my cuzin and he has help me alot by the way he likes guys to wich help ( I just found out this year that he like guys) I feel that if I tell my parents it will always fall apart and will do something to like girls again. Man many things have happen to me, all my secreats about likeing guys has been so hard to keep. I have numbers and papers hidden in my room and some of it my parents have found like 3 years ago, It was the worst day of my life, Parents were screeming at me and almost hit me for wat they had found. My life has change alot. Now yea its hard to keep it to my self but lately I have put up pics of my self on here and well I put my real name my last name is not my last name because of some privacy i need but if u need to knw my last name i will tell u I dont have a prob with that. Like I said some of my friends knw, my cuzin knw and 2 of my friends at skool knw that I like guys which im still dealing with and telling most of my friends that I like guys. Hope my life will get better as the years go by. If you have the chance to read this I hope u understand wat I mean.

I want to be a social worker and help the youth of the futere and just help them out from killing them selfs for something another person told them. I hate waching the news and just hear that another teen just killed him self its just sad

I love animals especially dogs so if u wanna get together u have to get me a dog but it has to be preety

Im ready to move out of my parents house and just have fun in life for some time .

What Can I say I came out to my mom already well lets see how it goes....